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Please note, you must log into Schedule.SMU with your SMU ID and password to see available content.


Note: In Internet Explorer 9 if you receive a pop-up error message while using Schedule.SMU you will need to follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Clear the browser cache (by pressing ctrl+shift+delete, then click "delete" on the dialogue box that appears)

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Go to Schedule.SMU

Schedule.SMU is available for users to view room usage calendars and to request space in all academic buildings across campus. In addition, facility managers can use Schedule.SMU to manage their spaces and to track all events and classes held in their spaces. Schedule.SMU is currently accessible on-line using Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 and Firefox 10.

At this time Schedule.SMU contains all currently scheduled class sections as well as several thousand scheduled events.

  • Class Sections: room assignments for all class sections that have a meeting pattern in all schools and programs are maintained and are in sync in both Access.SMU and Schedule.SMU.

  • Events: An event is a one time or recurring academic or non-academic use of a space that is not a class section meeting. Events include help sessions, committee meetings, play rehearsals, thesis presentations, continuing education classes, student organization meetings, tutorial sessions, etc. Events are not in Access.SMU, but are only in Schedule.SMU.

Instructions for viewing information in Schedule.SMU:

  • Viewing calendar (pdf)
  • Viewing sections(pdf)
  • Viewing rooms (pdf)
  • Searching for space (pdf) (tutorial)


Instructions on requesting space in Schedule.SMU using a template:

  •  Room request for events (pdf)

Currently, the following schools/areas are using a form (template) within Schedule.SMU for room reservations:

Dedman Law Lyle Meadows Scholar's Den Dedman Center Cox Engaged Learning


Additional Room Reservations Contact and Policy Information can be found by clicking on the following school/area specific links:

Dedman Meadows
Cox Lyle
Collins Executive Education Center Engaged Learning
Dedman Law Perkins Theology SMU-in-Plano Dedman Center Scholar's Den Continuing and Professional Education Center
Health Center


Schedule.SMU Help

For questions on Schedule.SMU functionality, or to join the Schedule.SMU listserv, please contact the Schedule.SMU team at